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Sermon series:     Ephesians  /  Sinners in Saintsville
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Title Passage Date
The wardrobe of  Christian dress  pt. 5
     Put off hostility and put on grace.
Eph.  4:31, 32 June 27
The wardrobe of  Christian dress:  pt.  4
     Put off hurtful / put on helpful speech.
Eph.  4:29,  30 June 20
The wardrobe of Christian dress:  pt. 3
     Put off stealing / put on generosity.
Eph. 4:28 June 13
The wardrobe of Christian dress:  pt. 2
     Put off selfish anger /  put on passion or reconcilliation     (A.M.)
Eph.  4:26,  27 June 6  AM
Putt off selfish anger: conclusion    (P.M.)
    Forgiving like our merciful God
June 6  PM
The wardrobe of  Christian dress:  pt. 1
      Put away lying and put on truth
Eph.  4:25 May 30